Not all heroes wear capes, mums, and this has been proven in the best way possible by little Branson Lee.


The six-year-old Louisiana native has been credited with saving the lives of his twin cousins who fell into their backyard pool.


According to ABC News, the incident occurred on August 20, when Branson was playing hide-and-seek with his relatives.


The family’s swimming pool is usually closed off to 21-month-old twins Kaden and Issac Kelley by a gate – unfortunately, and against their seasoned rule, that gate was left open.


“That is the only way people can come in,” mum Jeannie told the publication.



“They’re supposed to lock the baby gate behind them. They left the baby gate unlocked, and the babies were able to gain access outside because the baby gate was left unlocked.”


In the ‘three minutes’ it had taken for the twins to evade the supervision of Jeannie, they managed to get through the gate and into the pool.


It was Branson who found the twins, floating in the water. While he, himself, cannot swim, he jumped into the shallow end to pull them out.


Once he had pulled the tots to safety, the incredible little boy called for help, alerting the family, who came running. Thankfully, as Jeannie’s husband is a first responder, he was able to administer CPR immediately.


Despite being ‘completely blue and completely lifeless’ when they were found, the twins began to respond. By the time they were medevac’d to hospital, they were able to talk to their parents.



The twins are both fine now, with Jeannie describing their swift recovery as a ‘miracle’.


“They were both playing and talking like nothing ever happened to them,” Jeannie said.


“The doctors were just astounded. I’m so overwhelmed that God was so good to us.”


If anyone deserves a medal for bravery, then it’s amazing little Branson. How lucky Kaden and Isaac are to have a cousin and friend like him!