Fancy spending the weekend getting creative - and making an artistic mess - with your toddler?


Totally the BEST way to spend the afternoon, here’s everything you need for a crafty Saturday or Sunday: 


1. Paper

Plain and coloured paper is definitely a must to help your little one show off their creativity. Scraps come in handy as well so don’t throw them away.


2. Glue

Really good PVC glue should be in every art and craft box. No matter what your little one is making, glue is nearly always required. And the stickier the better!



3. Paint set

Water colours or poster paint are must-haves for any creative toddler. You don’t need to spend a fortune picking up loads of different colours; go for the primary colours and then add to your collection by mixing them together to create new shades. Don't forget the brushes!


4. Chalk

Chalk is really useful as it looks great on paper yet it won’t ruin furniture or clothes. It is also handy for encouraging your little one to spend time outside drawing on the pavement or patio – who says you should only draw on paper!


5. Cardboard

Don’t throw out old cereal boxes, egg cartons, or even cardboard boxes as they can come in really handy for making fun things with your little one.


6. Buttons and beads

Old buttons and beads should never be thrown in the bin, even if the item of clothing is long gone. Keep these for making bracelets, cards and even sock puppets.



7. Stationery

You can’t have a crafty weekend without an endless supply of colouring pencils, rubbers, rulers, and sharpeners. If your little ones are anything like ours, two of each will definitely come in handy!


8. Scissors

The earlier your little one learns to use the scissors safely the better. If they are in playschool they are no doubt learning to use it there, but just make sure you go for a child-friendly one that is round and not sharp.


9. An apron

An apron is a must for every messy art weekend! Your little one will no doubt get paint everywhere and an apron can go some way to keeping their clothes clean!


10. Stickers

You don’t need to buy expensive, glittery ones, any stickers will do to be honest. As well as making cool pictures, they are great at encouraging fine motor development. 


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