Your child’s last year of school can be an expensive time when you factor in debs, outings, trips, yearbook and holidays. But, thankfully, there are plenty of ways you can keep costs down without your child feeling like they are missing out.


Limit the amount of activities they can go on

This one is definitely easier said than done. Limiting the amount of activities they can go on can be pretty tough when they are the only ones in the year not taking part in something – but, at the end of the day, if you can’t afford it they can’t go. However, be clear from the start about how much you are willing to spend so that they know that they will need to make tough choices. 


Get them to pay you back

Ok, so while you will initially have to fork out a fortune, getting your son or daughter to pay you back will encourage them to think about what they really want rather than what you can get for them. Write everything you buy in a little book and before you start agree how much you are willing to spend and how much they will have to pay you back. Make sure you wait until their exams are finished before you encourage them to get a job though – dedicating time to studying is more important right now.


Don’t go overboard

It is so easy to go overboard on the last year buying yearbooks, memorabilia, trips, etc. but you need to really consider what they need rather than what they want to keep your finances in check. When it comes to the debs, keep spending down by avoiding high end fashion boutiques, getting a friend to do hair and make-up and skipping the expense of a hiring a car or limo. Always think simple.


Get them to make their own yearbook

A yearbook can be quite expensive and usually just contains names and photos of people in your child’s class. However, as secondary school classes can be quite big, your child is not likely to be best mates with everyone, so why not skip the yearbook and instead encourage them to make their own. Print off pictures from their phone and glue them into a scrap book. Not only will this save you a few bob it is also a lot more personal. 


Keep things in perspective

It is easy to go overboard especially when it comes to your children but try to keep things in perspective. Nowadays, it is so easy to keep in touch with friends, even if they move away, that it is never really goodbye so there is no need to buy or go on everything.