We all lead such busy lives and, as parents, we know just how difficult it is to fit in quality time with our kids. However, there is one very obvious thing that is getting in the way, and, no, it’s not work or domestic chores; according to research conducted by IKEA, a third of the children surveyed think mobile phones get in the way of quality time, and would like parents to put down their devices.


But that’s not all. As well as wanting their parents to put down their phone, the children polled also said they would like their mum and dad to do the following ten things: 

  • Come home earlier from work
  • Go outdoors together
  • Parents to join in with playing with toys
  • Play a video game together
  • The family to play a board game together
  • Find time to read together
  • Get cooking and bake together
  • Help with homework
  • Watch TV at the same time
  • Set time aside to talk

To highlight the new findings, an adorable series of video guides, featuring children aged between 5 -7 talking to their teddies, has been produced.


The children tackle subjects like ‘how to be happy” and “what children need from adults” as well as telling us “the importance of education” and “how to find your imagination”, using their teddies as props to communicate.



All of the Teddy Talks videos showcase soft toys that raise money for IKEA’s annual Soft Toys for Education Campaign - an initiative that has raised millions to support educational programmes around the world run by Save the Children and Unicef.