Kourtney Kardashian denies son Mason is on social media & calls fake account ‘creepy’

Kourtney Kardashian has hit back at rumours claiming that her 12-year-old son is on social media and sharing private information about his famous family to the internet. 

Kourtney took to her Instagram stories to tell her 191M followers that there are fake accounts impersonating her son which she finds ‘creepy’. 

She wrote, “Hello everyone, hope it is a beautiful Thursday. After months and months of thinking you would all know that is NOT Mason on these fake accounts, some of you don’t”.

Credit: Instagram

“So I will spell it out clearly: that is NOT Mason on these fake social media accounts talking about our family”.

“To any and all ‘news’ outlets who use that false account as a source, you know better. Stop using it for the benefit of your slow ‘news’ day please and thank you”.

The mum-of-three closed off by adding, “And to the person pretending to be Mason, ultra ultra ultra creepy!!!!!”.

The latest rumours that the fake account spread were concerning Kourtney’s sister Kylie being set to marry Travis Scott. Kylie shared a TikTok video of her and her sisters Kim and Khloe, as well as some friends, enjoying a night out together.

The Kylie Cosmetics founder was the only one dressed in white while the rest of the group were in black, which sparked the idea that she was soon to be marrying the dad of her two children. 

The imposter Instagram account shared a series of posts about the rumours. The images and account have been deleted since, but according to Radar, one video read, “Hey guys! Mason here you’re favorite person LOL. Here’s an update on life”.

“Kylie is getting married and is currently on her bridal party that’s why she’s the only one wearing white!!!”.

Mason previously had an Instagram and TikTok account when he was 10-years-old but Kourtney and Mason’s dad Scott Disick deleted them as they felt he was too young for social media. 

Mason’s 10-year-old sister Penelope has a TikTok account which she shares with her mum Kourtney, much like her cousin North, who shares a TikTok account with mum Kim Kardashian.