Lauren Goodger rushes daughter Larose to hospital as she becomes sick again

Lauren Goodger has revealed that she has taken her daughter to hospital again, two months after her last visit.

In March, The Only Way Is Essex star informed fans that she had rushed her two-year-old daughter Larose to A&E.

Now, a few months later, Lauren has confirmed that she has had to take Larose back to hospital.

On her Instagram stories earlier today, the 37-year-old posted a photo of Larose’s pram in a hospital waiting room.

“A&E with my baby girl. Been the worst two nights,” Lauren penned alongside the image.

A few hours later, the reality star uploaded a new update with a photo of Larose in her hospital bed, playing with her iPad.

Alongside the image, Lauren took the opportunity to explain the reason behind her little girl’s admission to hospital.

“Weds she was all bunged up like hayfever and then in night got a temp and last night coughing so much and throwing up,” she wrote.

Credit: Lauren Goodger Instagram

“4am she started struggling with her breathing, and really sucking in so I went to see GP at 8am and sent us straight here she has had steroids and mask with pump so far to open her breathing,” she continued.

“Today being sick and temp and the breathing like she’s running,” Lauren added.

Previously, the mum-of-one detailed on March 28th why she initially had to take Larose to hospital.

“Thank you everyone for messages. Larose has been holding in her [poo] for quite a few days (she has done this on and off for nearly a year) which then led to her not eating and drinking a lot to then nothing at all today and we have been up for 3 nights with her in pain,” she explained at the time.

“I was so worried about her becoming dehydrated as all her lips went dry and she looked unwell and so scary for a mother when your child won’t eat anything even ice cream,” she confessed, adding that she had her “fingers crossed” that Larose’s health would improve.