Students have sparked many traditions since the Leaving Cert exams were established in 1924. One of the most popular being jetting off on a holiday after you hand in your final exam paper.


Youths will head off to the sunniest destination to revel in their freedom. They’ve just completed their secondary school education so they have a right to celebrate, however, one expert believes the popular tradition is having a bad impact on student’s mental health.


Psychologist Niamh Hannan said that the trips can make young people feel depressed and stressed.



She told The Independent: “They have been living in a pressure cooker situation for the past year or more. If they are prone to being anxious or suffer a bit with depression, the holiday could be a nightmare.”


She has urged parents to rethink the idea because it puts too much pressure on their kids, especially so quickly after completing a string of exams.



Niamh shared: “If your teenager is very vulnerable and they want you to make the decision and take it away from them it can be very helpful for teenagers to say ‘my parents are very strict and they’re not allowing me.”

She said children need their parents' support the most after the Leaving Cert, so letting them go away may be a bad move: “They will be away without their parents' support and guidance at a time they may need it most as they may be feeling shaky, down, vulnerable or isolated.”


What do you think of Leaving Cert holidays?