Most experts agree that children under the age of three should not be playing video games at all. However, if your child is already addicted to video games, thanks to a friend or an older sibling, then you need to be careful about laying down the rules. 
Expert opinion is that your child should not be in front of a screen – whether it’s a television, computer or video games, for more than two hours per day at this age. So if your child loves video games but plays normally the rest of the time, you should be okay. If not, then you need to set some rules and boundaries about video games. 

First, you’ll want to set limits on the amount of time your child is allowed to play, before the game even starts. Tell your child that he or she is allowed to play for a half an hour, and set a timer. When the timer goes off, it’s time for the games to go off too. 
Teach your child how to ‘save’ their games, so that excuses of being in the middle of a game won’t be a problem. 

Suggest alternative activities, like reading, painting, going for a walk or playing with toys as an alternative when it’s time to pack up the games for the day. 

Make sure that the game console is in a public part of the house – not your child’s room – and make sure that your child does any chores, like packing away toys, and eats, sleeps, and otherwise sticks to his or her routine and schedule before the games come out.