The Tooth Fairy is one of the most long-standing traditions all over the world, but it’s rare for us or our little ones to actually catch sight of her.


Luckily for ‘Action Movie Kid’ James however, he can now count himself among the few who can say they have seen the Tooth Fairy!


Five-year-old James recently lost his very first tooth, and his father documented the entire experience in a video for YouTube.



After twisting his tooth out, James can be seen inquiring after the Tooth Fairy, wondering how she will know that it’s time to collect his tooth.


James’ father tells him to go outside and call on the Fairy, and they then proceed to set up a series of cameras to ‘catch’ her on film.



The next morning, an excited James makes an amazing discovery both under his pillow and on-camera – and it will absolutely warm your heart.


This video left us beaming from ear to ear, and we’re guessing it will inspire the same reaction in you and your loved ones.


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