Christmas may now be a distant memory, but we will never get tired of seeing children opening presents.


This is truly the case this weekend, after a video of a little boy opening a very special surprise gift was shared online.


With his mum filming, the tot is asked to go to the front porch and open a giant wrapped present waiting for him on the step.



“It’s BIG box!” the little boy says, as he is held up to rip the wrapping off.


When he finally gets through to the cardboard box underneath, and pulls back the flaps, he gets the surprise of his life.


The tot can barely control himself as his DAD pops out!



This father was away on military duty, and it’s clear that his presence really is the greatest present his son could have received.


“Papa! I didn’t know YOU were the surprise!” he shouts with glee, embracing his dad.


As you can imagine, the Love What Matters community can barely contain its emotions over the video, and many have shared their own homecoming tales.



“My oldest daughter went through a couple of deployments when my husband was in Iraq and Afghanistan, and seeing them reunited is the sweetest feeling ever,” wrote one mum.


Another summed up the general feeling as she added: “Is there a TV channel that just shows these over and over? ‘Cause I could seriously just binge-watch and cry all day.”