A family day at the beach turned into a tragedy after a nine-year-old girl died when the hole she was digging on the beach collapsed on top of her.
Isabel Grace Franks was killed on a beach in Oregon, USA, on Friday after the five-foot deep hole she was digging caved in, causing her to suffocate before she could be rescued.
The North Lincoln Fire Department confirmed that they girl was buried for five minutes, and that when paramedics arrived on the scene her family and bystanders were frantically trying to dig her out.
When Isabel was pulled out ambulance teams tried to resuscitate her before transporting her to nearby Samaritan North Lincoln Hospital in Lincoln City where she died an hour later.
One witness Tracey Dudley said, “We heard screaming from the beach. At first we thought it was just kids playing, but then it was screaming, screaming, screaming.”
A memorial was created by mourners near to where Isabel was playing.
Lincoln Police Sgt Brian Eskridge said, “This is a horrific accident. Any time you’ve got a sand structure, if they dig, there’s the potential someone can get trapped in it.”
Our thoughts are with Isabel's family at this tragic time.