This little girl has just proven that you don’t need to spend a fortune buying fishing equipment, just invest in a kids’ Barbie one!  


While fishing is definitely one of those hobbies that not many people can get on board with. Sitting around in a freezing cold boat as you wait for something to bite, this adorable father daughter trip may make you change your mind, and have you running for the nearest lake.


Decked out in her adorable pink lifejacket, Avery uses her pink rod to reel in a pretty amazing catch – 20-inch, 5-pound giant bass!


In the video, which has gone viral, you can hear her squealing in delight as her dad dishes out words of encouragement. Shouting: "Yes, I got one! Finally!”, you can tell she has been there for a while!


Finishing off with a high-five to her dad, this has to be one of the sweetest videos we’ve seen all day!