28-year-old Megan Wolfe and her partner Josh Melnyk had been saving for a wedding, when they received the worst news possible.
After experiencing stomach pains, Megan was diagnosed with cancer in her abdomen. After surgery to remove the tumours, and a round of chemotherapy, it was discovered that the cancer had spread to her intestines.
Megan decided not to continue with chemotherapy and live life as normally as she could with her family. She has been given one year to live.
Megan and Josh have been together for four year, and have five children between them. Their twin boys were born two years ago, and they have three other children from previous relationships.
Josh’s cousin, Shantell Scragg wanted to do something to give the devastated family some happy memories, and launched a fundraising campaign in order to give the couple their dream wedding.
"I don't want the children to remember Megan in a hospital bed," Shantell explained. "I want them to remember her as a princess on her wedding day."
Her aim was to get enough money to “create memories to last a life time. We are looking to get enough funds together to have a small wedding ceremony with close family and get pictures the kids will treasure forever.”
One of the people who came across the fundraising campaign for Megan was Ben Block, the founder of a new crowdsourcing site GozAround, which allows people to search for volunteers or to volunteer yourself to help with charity projects.
'As we sat with them, we heard their story and saw the tears in their eyes as they spoke about how much they loved each other and wanted to get married in front of their children.” Ben wrote on his site.
“It was an easy decision to offer to help give them the beautiful wedding they so deserved”
Ben set to work calling local businesses asking them to donate money or services for the wedding.
More than 20 businesses responded, offering a venue, music, flowers, limos, photography, dresses, food and more. Altogether over $15,000 worth of goods and services were volunteered to help Megan and Josh with their big day.
The couple say they are overwhelmed with the kindness and support their community have shown to them.
"I am surprised and I am excited, but I am still in shock people are doing this for me," Megan said. "Everyone has been there for me when I needed it."
The couple were married on Wednesday, and there were “cameras galore” to preserve the memory for their family.