Setting up a good dental hygiene routine from an early age is one of the most important things you can do for your child. It is important you look after your little one's teeth from a very early age, from baby teeth right up until all their adult ones appear and beyond.
Here are five things you need to do to ensure your little one's teeth are strong and healthy for a long time.
Brush twice a day
Make sure your little one brushes their teeth twice a day, once in the evening before bed and again in the morning before going out. If they have consumed a lot of sweets and sugar, your should give them an extra brush during the day,
Use the correct toothpaste
Kids under the age of seven will need to use a pea-sized amount and keep fluoride intake to a minimum. Those over the age of eight can use a normal adult sized portion, but make sure they spit it out and keep any swallowing to an absolute minimum.
Call a dentist at the first sign of toothache
Make sure you call the dentist at the first sign of a toothache. Even if you and your little one are diligent in brushing, tooth decay can still form, especially if you or your child’s father are prone to teeth and gum problems. The dentist may be able to fit a sealant and check if there are signs of decay elsewhere.
Stop thumb sucking  
If your little one sucks their thumb, it is important you discourage them by the time they have started going to school. This type of comforting can affect the top teeth, causing them to become prominent and push out.
What to do about accidents
It is important you take your little one to the dentist if they fall and bang their teeth, especially if they look loose or slightly damaged. If a tooth actually falls out, whether it was an adult or a baby one, keep it and bring it to the dentist. If it was a baby tooth that was knocked out an adult one will grow in its place, but the dentist will need to check it didn’t damage the tooth underneath it.  If it was an adult tooth, if possible, try to insert it back in place. If you can’t or your child won’t let you, pop it into a glass of milk or water and bring it to the dentist with you.