Secondary school students face many big decisions during their senior years in education. They have to start filling out their CAO forms, thinking about what college they would like to attend and are asked one of the biggest questions of all- what do you want to be when you grow up?


It’s a question that still sends shivers down our spines. Trying to figure out your career at the mere age of 17 and 18 is pretty overwhelming to say the least.


The youth of today have an even harder choice to make with even more job titles propping up left right and centre. Today, youths can study everything from beekeeping to dressmaking and social science to engineering



There are so many options out there for them, but making those major decisions can feel quite intense. Thankfully, career guidance counsellors are there to help youths. However, with ongoing budget cuts and poor resources, Ireland’s career guidance system is dwindling.


A recent report by business group Ibec has found that the services on offer just aren’t good enough. They are under-resourced and are not offering the support students need.



Senior Executive Kara McGann believes secondary school students need more support.


She stressed the importance of introducing a specialist careers advisory service: “This would enable students to identify their interests, their skills and competences, manage their transitions and make the appropriate decisions to meet their needs.”


What do you think of the career guidance services in the schools of Ireland?