A 32-year-old man from Oklahoma has been arrested for tricking police into thinking his young nephew was in the back of his stolen car.
William Edward Johnson Jr was in a petrol station when his SUV was stolen by a gang of thieves, but when reporting the theft he told police the five-year-old had been sitting in the back seat.
Police launched an Amber Alert missing child hunt, placing more than 60 police on the case and alerting neighbours and local authorities about the supposedly missing child.
After three hours on the case, at one in the morning, they got in contact with the boy’s mum and discovered he was perfectly safe at home in bed.
William had just wanted the police to use all their man power to find his car.
"He felt that we would spend more time looking for his vehicle if we thought there was a child in it," Tulsa Police Sgt. John Adams told reporters.
William was then arrested and charged with a felony for filing false information about a missing child. He is due in court on September 23rd. The car thieves remain at large.