Rosie Brennan spoke of the loss of her six-year-old son, Jake in a heart-breaking interview on the Ray D'Arcy show today.
Jake was knocked down by a car in a housing estate in Kilkenny last month, and unfortunately passed away soon after.
His parents have now launched a campaign to make housing-estates safer for children.
Rosie opened up about losing her son to Ray, and why she has decided to set up the Jake Brennan campaign, to prevent further tragedies such as hers.
“I was at the pathway of our house and I just remember a car and I looked up and it was too late. My baby was just…the loudest bang you could hear and I just saw a little shadow just going up in the air and then I just knew it.”
Rosie revealed to Ray that she had forgotten some details of what had occurred.
“I just screamed ‘Jake’ but the mad thing is when I ran I have no memory for a few seconds but when I was running to him, the next memory he’s up and making his way back to me and I grabbed him and I had the baby (Jake’s five-month-old sister) in my arm but I’ve no memory of the baby in my arm, even when I’m telling you this.”
Rosie is convinced that her son would be alive today if the speed limit in the cul de sac was lower.
Rosie and her husband are calling for seed bumps to be placed in all existing and future residential areas. They are also campaigning for speed limits to be reduced from 50km to 30km and that speed limit in residental areas should be 20km.
“I think if those two measures had been in places, my Jakie might have had only a broken neck, broken arm and we would’ve been here with him today”
For more information on how to help with the campaign see Jake's Legacy here.