A Sydney mother was arrested last August for taking lewd photos of her daughters and sending them to their dance instructor, in what courts heard was an attempt to further their careers in dance.
The woman, who can’t be named and was supported in court by her husband, sent the photos to Grant Davies for two years, claiming that while she knew it wasn’t right, she was afraid of Davies and so continued to send the photos.
However, the court read text messages between Davies and the woman, which appeared to be “joking and frivolous”.
One text conversation saw Davies ask the woman if the girls were naked, to which she replied: “no. Lol”. Davies then wrote: “how about on the weekend they do you some more special G-shots?”, adding: “why wait?”.
The mum then replied with explicit shots of her daughters, which Davies allegedly said made him “excited and horny”.
The woman only stopped sending the photos when Davies was arrested in May 2013 and charged with 63 child sex offences relating to former students.
A psychiatrist, Antony Milch, said the woman was obsessed with dancing and fame after her own dancing career ended when she was ten-years-old and suffering with anorexia.
Her daughters didn’t understand what their mother had done wrong and told a state psychologist that “[The mother] sent nude photos of me and my sisters to [Mr Davies]. I don’t think it was wrong because we had to do everything he said.”
She had been released on bail, but was placed back in custody after she hadn’t attended any counselling or treatment, and Judge Zahra indicated that it was very likely she would be facing jail when her sentencing hearing continues next month.