M&S Food launches Little Shop and itll keep kids entertained for hours

Everyone has an M&S Foodie favourite and now, they’re becoming collectable toys as M&S Food brings Little Shop to the nations’ families. 

Little Shop comprises 25 iconic M&S products, made into adorable minis for customers and their families to collect, play with and keep, building their very own M&S Little Shops. This is primed to be the activity of the summer, aimed at parents with children aged 4-9 – with big kids more than welcome too!

Now more than ever, finding something fun and engaging for the kids to do over the holidays is a must, which makes Little Shop the ideal way to keep families entertained this summer. Running for the first time in the Republic of Ireland, product will be available whilst stocks last.

M&S Food has worked to make Little Shop sustainable. Starting with the materials, M&S has made more minis out of sustainable paper and card, and has recycled old washing machines, fridges and drinking bottles to make the rest. All the collectables are made to be durable and long lasting so they can be played with again and again, but should customers no longer wish to use them – they can pass the minis to friends or family, or alternatively recycle the paper and card minis at home and the plastic ones at M&S’s Recycle Boxes in-store.

It’s super easy to take part in this collectable promotion whilst customers are on their weekly shop, with a mini available at the till for every €25 spent at M&S Food. Ensuring kids both big and small get a surprise every time they receive a Little Shop collectors pack, collectables are given out in concealed paper packets and must be opened to reveal the mini M&S icon inside.  Alongside the collectable, the pack includes a fun collector’s card with a joke and facts about the product.

Amongst the 25 strong collection you’ll find some of our customer’s favourite foods, such as M&S Guacamole, Gastropub Triple Cooked Chips, Pink Lady Apples and many more. We’ve also included some non-food items to collect, such as flowers, a cleaning sponge and an M&S Café cup.

With playing and learning at the heart, Little Shop collectables encourage imaginative play as well as helping children learn a little bit more about where food comes from, how energy is produced and how to save money. Their website www.marksandspencer.com/ie/c/food/little-shop has more creative games, activities and additional information for parents to download – including printable Percy Pig money, which can be coloured in and used to play countless games of shop. As well as games that can be played virtually via video call, with relatives or friends you might not be able to see in person at the moment.

Customers can also shop an exciting range of mini accessories available in stores. The range includes everything a Little Shopkeeper needs including a mini metal shopping basket and mini shopping trolley (€4 each), and a must-have collectors’ album (€4) to keep collectables safe.

M&S have also revealed that this year, their rare collectable is in fact a Golden Colin the Caterpillar – with only 1000 in circulation, will you be lucky enough to find one?