They have grown in popularity over the past number of years, but there is still a lot about e-cigarettes that we don’t know – and the following report isn’t exactly instilling confidence regarding their usage.
A UK mother has been left shocked this week, after an e-cigarette sparked a fire in her bedroom.
According to local newspaper the Birmingham Mail, Jill Oswald and her eight-year-old son, Aydin, were in bed when they heard a loud bang, followed by smoke and flames.
Jill called the fire service, although she managed to put the fire out herself. While she initially thought the fire originated from an electrical cable or a plug socket, the fire crew established that it was actually caused by the unplugged vaping device.
It’s no surprise that Jill has been scared off using e-cigarettes ever again: “It could have been so different. Had my little boy been standing there, or had we not been here, there would have been a major fire. It would have been right next to my bed.”
Be careful out there, mums.
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