A mum from South Carolina, Tiffany Simmons, is facing serious charges after she kicked her 12-year-old son out of the car over 20 miles from home.
The two had reportedly had an argument during a shopping trip.
The boy eventually found the house of Delina Duncan after ten at night, where he knocked on the door and asked for help.
Delina reported that the boy was exhausted and disorientated after walking around for several hours, not knowing where he was.
“The little boy was all sweaty, tired, scared so I went in the house and got him a Coke,” Delinda said.
The county deputies were called, who arrested the boys mum for abandoning him.
One of the officers, Deputy Drew Pinciaro said what Tiffany did goes far beyond acceptable punishment, and put her son in huge danger.
“By the mother leaving the child out of the vehicle in an unknown, location, where he was unfamiliar in a different county, put the child at risk,” Pinciaro said.
Delinda says she is glad the boy showed up at her door so she could help him, but is certain the child is traumatised by the event.
“This child will never forget this, he will never, ever forget what he went through,” she said.
 “I believe [his mother] needs to be where she is, she needs to be forced to get some help, because, listen, there is nothing more beautiful or wonderful than a child.”
The boy is currently staying with family while the case is investigated by social services.