Florida mum Bobbey Jo Boucher is facing charges after she allegedly hung on on a call from police, telling them she “had to get on stage”.
The police had called Bobbey at her work place, the Calendar Girls strip club, because her 10-year-old daughter had been reported missing.
The police needed information about the girl in order to file a missing persons report.
While Bobbey offered that she had been the last person to see her daughter, she was too busy to answer more questions.
The line went dead and while police state that Bobbey hung up the phone, she claims she tried to take another call and was cut off.
The girl had been reported missing by her grandmother, after her mother left her at a barbecue on the way to work.
She was supposed to come home after dinner that evening, but didn't appear, and hadn't been seen for four hours.
Luckily the child was unharmed and was found by police not long afterwards. Bobbey however was arrested and charged with obstructing the investigation, and spent the night in jail.