Latoya Harris’ daughter was involved in a fight at her school with another girl after an argument broke out between the two young children.
Latoya has said that her daughter punched and kicked the other girl but the issue was resolved after her daughter apologised for the incident and received suspension as a punishment.
However, the mum was left horrified when police officers later arrived at her home and put handcuffs on her nine year-old before taking her down to the police station.
The mum said: “When they put the handcuffs on, I thought, ‘Wait a minute, this has got to be a joke.’ The look on my daughter’s face went from humiliation and fear, to a look of sheer panic.”
The angry mum has since said that her daughter was terrified after her ordeal at the station: “I didn’t get the same girl back ... All they had to do was give her a talking to. We’re talking about two grown men in uniform with guns.” 
The little girl's mum has also said that her daughter has been the victim of bullying in her school since the incident, calling her 'jailbird.'