You all know what it’s like to try and get a minute’s time to yourself; it usually ends with your children gate-crashing and demanding your attention – especially if you need to use the loo!


The demands of being a mother have been summed up by Australian blogger Annie Nolan, who this week shared a hilarious photo of herself peeing – with her daughter strapped to her back.


The 27-year-old shared the photo with her 15K-strong Insta following, writing: “When you need to wee but you just spent 15 minutes securely strapping a child to your back. Poor Delphi! Though she follows me to the toilet every time anyway.”



As you can imagine, Annie’s followers could well relate to her dilemma, with one commenting: “I’m 66 and still sit with the door open while the grandkids sit and talk, while I’m having my supposed private time.”


Annie, who blogs at Uncanny Annie, is mum to son Malachy and twin daughters Delphine and Cheska.



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She is known for not holding back when it comes to sharing her opinions, and Annie previously found viral fame with that cheeky ‘mum of twins’ Facebook post.


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