Welsh mum Talina Evans was horrified when she discoved that her seven-year-old daughter’s talking Barbie apparently shouted “What the f*ck!”
The doll is from the Barbie Dreamhouse range, and is programmed to say a number of phrases including, “I love a makeover”, “There is no substitute for glitter” and “Amaze!”
The offending phrase is believed to be actually “off the hook” but the poor sound quality has lead to outraged parents interpreting it differently.
“She had wanted the doll for a while so my dad bought it for her and I let her have it. She loved it and has been playing with it constantly ever since,” Talina said.
“We hadn't really paid that much attention to it or what it was saying. Then a friend of ours picked up the toy and I heard it say ‘what the f*ck’ loud and clear, I was so shocked.”
Talina tried to take the doll back to the shop, but as she didn’t have the receipt the shop refused to do anything. Mattel, the makers of Barbie have confirmed that they are investigating the case.
Talina took the doll away from her daughter, and is trying to bring the issue to wider attention.
“We've taken it off her now. We just told her that the doll had been bad and was swearing so it had to go,” Talina said.
“I think it's very irresponsible of the toy company - they know that children are going to be playing with these toys.”
The offending phrase can be heard in the video below. Do you think the Barbie is cursing?
"I'm not the only one who has heard it. You can hear it loud and clear, it definitely says 'what the f*ck.”