A mum of a seven-year-old boy has complained to the Australian Advertising Standards Bureau (ASB) about an ad that encourages women to own their flaws and be who they want to be, because there is a lesbian kiss.


While many of us would applaud the commercial that shows our daughters that they can achieve anything, the mum in question has said that while the ad is positive, it was “ruined” by two women kissing.


“I object to the kiss. Must we have the lesbian message shoved in our faces all the time? My seven-year-old boy doesn't need that happening in his lounge room. The ad should consider the wellbeing of the younger generations of children and families as well as everyone else.”

Thankfully however, her complaint was dismissed with the ASB who stated that the scene was “brief” and “not sexualised”.


“The board considered that in this instance a brief depiction of a woman kissing a woman was not sexualised and in the context of depictions of confident women and loving relationships this scene was not gratuitous or inappropriate.”


While it is sad that people STILL feel the need to protect their children from anything other than the normal heterosexual relationship, the fact that the ASB dismissed her complaint is definitely one step in the RIGHT direction.



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