Lego is a great way for a child to really get their creative juices flowing, and provides hours of entertainment for kids both young and old.


However, a mum in Oxfordshire wants the manufacturers to make one small change after her eight-year-old son accidently swallowed a brick.


Taking to Facebook, Laura Deena Halls shared a truly terrifying ordeal after her son used his teeth to separate Lego pieces, before choking on it. 


Who knew the tiniest piece of lego could do so much damage :( yet for the fact that there was a tiny hole in the piece...

Posted by Laura Deena Halls on Saturday, 16 January 2016


Revealing the outcome would have been so much worse if it wasn’t for the tiny hole in the block that allowed air in, Laura now wants the manufacturers to include the hole in all of its pieces to help prevent children from choking.


“I don't blame Lego. I do think though that all Lego pieces should have a little hole for that and the fast actions of the staff here in hospital saved my boys life yesterday,” Laura wrote on her post.

“We went to hell and back yesterday, we thought at 8 and a half we'd drummed into him no Lego in his mouth but that one split decision could've had tragic consequences.”