Heading out with your toddler be it to the park or the zoo, requires more than putting them in their car seat and hitting the road. Planning for emergencies or tantrums, a mum will usually bring a bag packed to the brim with everything but the kitchen sink.


However, before you start to wonder if you could actually get it to fit, the following eight items are essential for outings - anything else is just extra.



Perfect for cleaning sticky hands and faces. They also come in handy for cleaning muck off the seat of the swings or for giving your car upholstery a quick wipe in the case of spills.



If you don’t have wipes to hand, throw a few tissues into the bag - perfect for wiping dirty noses and hands.  


Healthy snacks

Obviously what food you bring depends entirely on where you are going and for how long. Think a small snack bar for quick trips to the park or pieces of fruit and a sandwich for longer outings. A hungry toddler is always a cranky toddler!



Water or juice in a sippy cup is a must-have when travelling with toddlers. Just like with hunger pangs, feeling thirsty can make your little one a tad cranky.


Change of clothes

Even if they aren’t being toilet trained, a spare set of clothes thrown into the bag will come in handy if your little one gets wet, falls or becomes covered in muck.



It is always a good idea to have suncream in your bag, particularly as the days start to become warmer. The last thing you want is to have to go home because the sun decided to make an appearance.  



A cuddly toy or a book will ensure your little one never gets bored in the back seat and will certainly come in handy when they need a little downtime.


First aid kit

A few plasters, antibacterial cream and hand sanitizer in a small toiletry bag will definitely come in handy for any emergencies. If you don’t bring one your youngster will no doubt fall, if you do bring one they will no doubt be ok!