Most women are guilty of being their own worst critic from time to time. 


We say things about ourselves and our bodies that we'd never dream of saying to a friend, colleague or family member.


But how would you feel if you heard your daughter repeating these harsh phrases? 



What if she said: "I'm too fat" or "Everything is ugly on me"? 


This incredible video, posted by Real Simple on Facebook, shows how young girls can internalise negative messages about their bodies. 


It shows several girls repeating phrases they'd heard their mums say.



A shocking 53 per cent of young American girls are unhappy with their bodies by the age of 13, according to this study.


Girls who heard their mothers criticise their bodies were more likely to be dissatisfied with their own bodies.


Both direct and indirect behaviours by parents can influence a child's perception of their body.


Which is why it's so important to try to speak respectfully about your body in front of your children. 



The video ends with some beautiful words of wisdom that the little girls wanted their mums to hear. 


One little girl concludes: "There's no such thing as ugly or fat, everybody's beautiful."


Now there's a message we can get on board with!