New children’s book aimed at explaining the Covid-19 pandemic in a child friendly way

A new book aimed at educating children about the Covid-19 pandemic has been launched by children’s stage school owner, well-known performer and entrepreneur Alison Vard Miller.

Entitled ‘The Naughty Little Germ’, Alison’s debut book explains the pandemic in a child friendly way and is designed to act as a guide for parents and guardians to help explain the concept of Covid, germs and disease transmission to children.

Given her experience of working with children on a daily basis via her stage school business, Alison was aware that many children were becoming very anxious about the pandemic and finding it hard to make sense of the situation. As a result, she came up with the idea for The Naughty Little Germ, an engaging tale, beautifully illustrated by Bilal Karaca, that uses age-appropriate language to outline what is going on in the world today in a fun, colourful yet informative manner. With an emphasis on the importance of working as a team to get rid of the virus, the book also gives a positive and hopeful outlook to children for a ‘post-Covid’ world.

“The naughty little germ had a funny little name. His name was Covid, but there was nothing funny about Covid at all. Covid was a very fast mover, it was almost like he had a super power to move about at supersonic speed.”

The Naughty Little Germ tells the story of a very bold ‘germ’ called Covid who arrives on planet earth and starts causing havoc by trying to make as many people sick as possible. Everywhere he went, the germ left his dirty foot prints behind him, but as they were so tiny, nobody could see them. These footprints started making everyone very ill. Eventually the people of the world came up with a simple plan to stop the germ – they decided to stay at home, be kind, show love and make sure to wash their hands with soap and water to clean away the naughty little footprints!

The Naughty Little Germ eventually gets bored and decides to go home to his own planet and life slowly returns to a ‘new normal’ for people everywhere. The aim of the book is to show that if we all work as a team and are kind to each other, we can beat The Naughty Little Germ.

“Covid may have left his naughty little footprints which we don’t forget, but the people of the world left footprints of love and kindness everywhere”

‘If we continue to be kind and work as a team, we can achieve anything,’ said the boys and girls.

Alison says: “I have worked with children for nearly 16 years and when I was forced to close ’The Miss Ali Stage School’ due to the pandemic, it got me thinking about what an unreal and unsettling time it is for children as they come to terms with the day-to-day changes in their lives. I wanted to write a book that gives a positive and hopeful outlook to children for a ‘post-Covid-19’ world. The book explains the pandemic in a child-friendly way and I see it as very much a guide for parents and guardians on how to explain the concept of germs and transmission to children.”

The Naughty Little Germ is available in most Dunnes Stores, Tesco and Circle K outlets nationwide and retails at €9.99.