A report compiled by 2020health and Nuffield Health have recommended the introduction of a ‘head of wellbeing’ to UK secondary schools in an effort to combat poor mental and physical health among both teachers and students.

Figures have shown that 75% of school children who live with mental health conditions are currently undiagnosed, so it is hoped that the introduction of a head of wellbeing will help determine if a student or teacher is in need of assistance or support in this regard.

The role will not focus solely on mental health, however, as the importance of physical activity and a healthy balanced diet will also be highlighted.

Nuffield Health’s chief executive, David Mobbs, explained the reasoning behind the proposed role by saying: “The issue of wellbeing within schools has been largely overlooked up until now. The head of wellbeing role will provide much-needed support to head teachers to engage with pupils and staff, not just about physical wellbeing but also emotional wellbeing.”

Reinforcing the importance of the position, chief executive of 2020health, Julia Manning has said: “The 2020health report highlights the potential positive outcomes that can be gained in employing a head of wellbeing.”

A competition will be held to determine which UK secondary school will host the first pilot head of wellbeing, which will be funded by Nuffield Health, this September.