The new Scooby-Doo film by Warner Brothers has attracted a lot of negative attention after viewers claimed that it is engaging in ‘fat-shaming’ women.
In the film, the character of Daphne gets cursed, and to her horror, she is turned from a size two to a size eight in a matter of seconds by the villain. He tells her that because of her and her friends’ interference, they will all lose what they hold most dear, to which Daphne replies: “Is this why I’ve lost my looks? Is this because I’m cursed?”
However, as we all know, a size eight is not overweight in the slightest, so people are confused about Daphne’s appearance, as she looks much bigger.
Some Amazon reviewers say that the film actually does promote a healthy body image as Daphne learns to love herself for who she is rather than what she looks like as the story unfolds, and Fred tells her that “she always looks good to him”.
But others wonder why they couldn’t make Daphne lose her looks in a different way, such as turning her skin green and giving her a tail, instead of stigmatising a clothing size.
It looks as though girls are being forced to tackle the issue of body image at a younger age than ever before.
Warner Brothers have yet to comment on the complaints.