A school in North Carolina, America has made headlines for banning a nine year old, Grayson Bruce from wearing a My Little Pony bag to school.
The school made the decision after the boy, Grayson Bruce's mother complained to the school that her child was being bullied as a result of his school bag.
Noreen Bruce was outraged after the school’s decision, saying that she felt the message “Friendship is Magic” from the My Little Pony programme is a good one for children.
Grayson said that the bullying had gone too far that his fellow students had began; “… punching me, pushing me down, calling me horrible names, stuff that really shouldn't happen.”
My Little Pony has a large male based audience including an active online community.
After learning the school's position, the Bruce family created a support page for Grayson on Facebook, using the hashtag #SupportForGrayson to spread awareness online.
It was also revealed that a 11 year old boy had attempted suicide after being bullied for being a fan of the show.