Nine-year-old Ben Pierce was born four months prematurely and while he was healthy his eyes didn’t develop properly.
Doctors performed surgery on the young boy when he was a baby to allow him see but it was only temporary and Ben’s sight has slowly grown worse.
The youngster wrote a sort of bucket list, writing down a number of pretty spectacular things that he would like to see before it is too late – the Northern Lights being one of them.
His family admit they can't afford some of the big trips Ben would like to go on, but with the help of Chris Cice, an Alaska Airlines pilot, he has gotten to tick one thing off.
Hearing Ben’s story, Chris with the agreement of the airline took the nine-year-old along with his family to see the spectacular light show. Talking about the sight, Ben said: It’s like watercolours going across the sky”
Unfortunately, his parents are not sure when he will completely lose visibility, telling ABC news: "We have no timelines and no guarantees. [Ben] could wake up tomorrow and be blind."
Such a brave young boy, we wish him all the best.