Retail giant John Lewis has removed “boys” and “girls” labels from their children’s clothing ranges in favour of a new unisex label.


In a move intended to “avoid reinforcing gender stereotypes”, the chain store has also removed “boys” and “girls” signage from its childrenswear department.


From now on, all own-brand clothing from 0-14 years will have a new genderless label reading “Boys & Girls” or “Girls & Boys”, according to The Mail Online.


School uniforms are the only exception; however, these are expected to bear the new label soon also.


The retailer has also released a new line of “non-gender specific” children’s clothing, including trousers, jumpers and dresses featuring images of dinosaurs, toy soldiers and spaceships.



Caroline Bettis, the head of childrenswear at John Lewis, said: “We do not want to reinforce gender stereotypes within our John Lewis collections and instead want to provide greater choice and variety to our customers so that the parent or child can choose what they would like to wear”.


The move was welcomed by many parents with one tweeting: “Good on #johnlewis. Time to stop imposing unnecessary gender coding and biases into children”.


Mum Judith Byrne, of Ribble Valley in Lancashire, tweeted a photograph of a dinosaur smock dress with a “Boys & Girls” tag on and wrote: “Thanks, John Lewis. Gender neutral clothing with style for kids”.


However, others felt that removing gendered labels and signage could cause confusion for kids and consumers.

“John Lewis removes girl/boy labels on clothing as they don't want to 'reinforce gender stereotypes'! You couldn't make it up! #worldsgonemad”, one angry Twitter user wrote.



Meanwhile, controversial columnist Piers Morgan responded on Twitter writing: “Britain is going officially bonkers”, alongside a photo of the new labels.


Prior to changing over to the new label, John Lewis said they consulted campaign group Let Clothes be Clothes. The group aim to eliminate gender stereotyping in the design and marketing of childrenswear.


The group congratulated the retailer on the move, saying: “We are absolutely thrilled by this announcement from John Lewis!”


What do you think mums? Let us know your thoughts on genderless labels, we would love to hear them.