Kids have the best imaginations and that's never more evident than when they are making cards.


If you've ever gotten a Valentine's card from your child that's not exactly Hallmark standard, you'll know what we mean.


These are just some of the funniest Valentines that kids have ever made: we love them!


1. The grateful one 


Well at least he's honest..



2. The chronically anxious one


This was made by a worrier...



3. The brutally honest one


Ouch that's harsh.



4. The apologetic one.


A subtle guilt-trip?!




5. This comforting gem to a soldier


This kid won't be getting one back!




6. This passive-aggressive one 


Something tells us this was the result of a dare.



7. The understanding one


Wonder if the mum laughed or cried?!




8. The one for the special teacher


Well it beat number six!




9. The threatening one.


Hmm was this for a teacher, a strict parent or rival classmate?





10.  This awesome Harry Potter one.


We're loving the artwork!



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