It’s 8 pm, the kids have finally gone to bed and all you want to do is sit down in front of the TV with a glass of wine, but there is a mountain of Lego on the floor, there’s a family of teddy bears taking up all the space on the sofa and there are stickers and glitter and crayons scattered across the floor.


It’s not time for wine, it’s clean up time.


Many mums will understand the pain of having to tidy up at night, but one mum has decided to stop.


Heidi Hamm shared the inspiring reason why she stopped cleaning up after her tiny tots on the Her View From Home Facebook page, “For years I would spend a few minutes every night, cleaning up after my kids. I would hate to calculate just how many hours of my life have been spent picking up toys.”


The mum has spent far too much time cleaning up after her children. She admitted that although she loves having a tidy house, running after her messy children has left her feeling exhausted.


The mum opened up about her family, “They're amazing little humans, but they're messy. Clearly, they are lacking in the clean gene department.”


One night, Heidi’s husband found his wife on her hands and knees, colour coordinating pieces of Lego. Her husband was baffled by her and asked her a simple, yet effective question.



“Why don't you just shut the door?" He asked. Those seven words were all Heidi needed to hear.


The mum admitted that she has neglected herself in the past. The time she spent organising Lego and dismantling forts took away from her own time.


The mum encouraged other parents to practice self-care more often, even the smallest thing like going to buy coffee from your local café can make you feel a little bit better.


“It is so easy to lose yourself in taking care of everyone else. Self-care is hiding a stash of chocolate bars and keeping them all for yourself.”


She continued, “Self-care is turning on Netflix for the kids, so you can drink your coffee. Hot. Self-care is putting the kids to bed early and cuddling with hubby on the couch.”



Heidi realised that self-care is closing the door of the toy room.


Thankfully her kids have realised that it is their responsibility to clean up after themselves.


“The kids clean the playroom once a week. Not me. Them,” the mum shared.


Heidi admitted that her playroom looks messy 95 percent of the time, but she has accepted it in all its untidy glory.


She concluded, “This shut door in my life? Is one that I can live with.”


We think this is a fantastic idea. Do you agree with Heidi?