It's important that your teenagers are fully aware of the following guidelines when using the internet:
  • Never give out your real name to strangers online.
  • Never post your real name online.
  • Never give out your address, home town or city to strangers online.
  • Never tell strangers online what school you go to.
  • Online users may not be who they claim to be. That handsome 15-year-old boy may not be handsome, 15 or even a boy. Anyone can pretend to be anyone online.
  • Never give out your password, people may pose as website representatives and ask for your password. Remember, real website representatives will never ask you for your password. It’s a secret that should only be known by you.
  • Unless you’re happy with everyone seeing your Facebook profile…don’t post it publicly!
  • Whatever you post online will stay online.......forever!
  • Don't say anything online you wouldn't say offline.
  • Protect your privacy and your friends' privacy too...get their consent before posting something about them or their photo online.
  • Tell your parents if you see anything online which has made you feel uncomfortable. Always tell your parents if someone wants you to meet you outside your home. 
  • Leave a chat room if you feel uncomfortable about a certain conversation and talk to your parents about it. It’s so easy for people on the internet to lie about what age they are and who they really are.