Outdoor activity ideas your little one will love while the sun is shining

After a weekend spent enjoying the sunshine with our little ones, it seems like we have another sunny week ahead of us.

Since we weren’t prepared for just how lovely this weather is so early before the summer, we already feel like we’ve used up a lot of our outdoor play ideas! From water gun fights and hide and seek to hopscotch and Twister, it’s easy to feel like there’s not much else for our little ones to do in the garden.

So, to make sure your children don’t get bored in the sunshine, we’ve shared some of our favourite ideas of outdoor activities they can do right in your back garden.

Check them out below for hours of entertainment.

Set up a camp

Grab as many blankets, sheets and pillows as you can carry and bring them outside to build a fort for your child to hang out in or hide away from the sun if the heat gets too much for them. For older children, if you have a tent, let them spend time putting it together so they can enjoy an evening camping outside. 

Teddy bear picnic

Great for younger and older family members because who doesn’t love sandwich triangles and sweet treats out in the sun? With the help of your little ones, create a picnic and pack it all up to your garden with a comfy blanket and cushions. Don’t forget your children’s teddy bears as extra guests! 

Create a fairy garden

Build a fairy garden so the mythical creatures will visit your garden. The ideal place is on a tree trunk or against a wall in your home. Many garden centres sell small fairy doors or ceramic decorations but if you want to DIY it, use a rock or small piece of timber for the door, along with leaves or bark for the windows. Add little plants to decorate the place nicely for the fairies and who knows… the next day there could be some glitter put outside the house to show your child the fairies visited!

Do some gardening

This is a two-in-one activity as little hands will enjoy digging in soil and planting flowers or seeds, while you get to get some garden work done with some extra help.

Make a swimming pool for toys

Use a bucket or big mixing bowl to make a swimming pool for your child’s toys. Fill it up with water and let them play with their dolls or action figures in the water so they can pretend they’re at the pool while their toys get a good clean.

Create a nature trail 

Depending on how big your garden is, create a list of objects, plants or creatures you know your child will find outside. From a robin, spade or dandelion, write as many ideas as you can think of and let your little ones run around your garden trying to find them all.

Make rock pets

Younger children will love collecting rocks and painting them with character’s faces to keep with them as little friends or pets for the day. Older ones may prefer painting designs so they have a  unique decoration for their room.

Make an at-home beach

Buying a bag of sand is relatively cheap in garden centres and toy shops, and is a perfect alternative if you don’t live near a beach. Place the bag in a corner of your garden that you don’t mind getting sand in or purchase a sandbox so you can bring the beach to you and your family.

Make a slip and slide

If you don’t own a full slip and slide game, you can create your own with a large plastic sheet that you may have from moving home or covering furniture, or even tape bin liners together until you create a long ‘slide’ in your garden. Anchor the sheet down in each corner and turn the hose on the sheet. Add soap or washing-up liquid to make it extra slippery and let your kids slide the day away.

Paper aeroplane competition

Get your children to make their own paper aeroplanes and decorate them however they please. Once everyone has finished their works of art, have a competition in your garden to see who can fly their one the furthest.