The Leaving Cert and Junior Cert are officially underway as the first exams kicked off earlier this morning. Over 120,000 students have taken to the exam halls across the country.


It is understood that over 55,000 pupils will sit the Leaving Cert, with 62,000 to do the Junior Cert.


Students will complete exams in a variety of subjects, from higher level English to ordinary level chemistry.



Students will also complete a Politics and Society exam for the first time ever in Ireland. The subject was introduced in September 2016.

41 schools will see students complete the Politics and Society exam.

Minister for Education Richard Bruton expressed his well wishes to the students. He said they should be very proud of all the efforts they made to study.



He added that it is “a huge effort to get to this point.”


He also thanked parents, teachers and principals for all of their efforts. “Teachers and school leaders have a transformative impact on a child’s life and make an invaluable contribution to our society.”


He reassured students who are feeling nervous about the exams and their results. He stated that there are many options for them post-exams.



“As well as higher and further education courses, we now have a very broad range of apprenticeship and traineeship programmes available, in very exciting new areas, such as ICT and financial services, as well as the traditional craft courses.”

“These are very attractive options that lead to very rewarding careers when considering your next steps,” he continued.

The Leaving Cert exams will end on June 22, with the Junior Cert ending on June 20.