A couple from Norfolk have been arrested after letting their 11-year-old son’s weight spiral out of control.
Doctors were concerned for the boy's safety when he reached a whopping 15 stone and alerted the police.
Though they insist the the child’s weight gain is genetic, the parents of the 5'1 boy were arrested and questioned on suspicion of child neglect and cruelty. They are now out on bail but are in danger of losing custody of their son.
His mother said: “The idea that they could take away my son scares me so much. I’m nothing without my kids. I am chubby and the whole of my husband’s side of the family is big. It’s genetics. You can be genetically fat.”
The boy who is affectionately known by his parents as ‘wee chubby’ is almost three-times bigger than the recommended weight for boys his age, but his mum insists he has a healthy lifestyle.
“His weight isn’t that much of a big deal. He uses a Nintendo Wii to stay active and is on a strict diet.”
Official figures show that dozens of morbidly obese children have been placed in care because of their weight, with 183 children under eleven weighing over sixteen stone.