When police in California arrested Sandy and Marco Cuevas on their way to a drug deal, they were shocked to find their five-year-old son sitting in the back seat next to half a pound of cocaine.
Even more shockingly, the little boy tested positive for cocaine in his system.
The arrests came after months of investigation into drug dealing in the area, and a raid of their house uncovered huge amounts of drugs, cash and weapons.
The couple’s three children have been taken into custody, while 29-year-old Sandy is currently pregnant with their fourth child.
It’s unclear how the cocaine got into the boys system, but the amount of drugs in the house and the car where he was found there were very many opportunities, either accidentally or on purpose.
Sandy’s sister denies that her young nephew was high on cocaine, telling reporters that her sister was “the perfect mom.”
Both parents were arrested and charged with drug offences and child endangerment. Sandy was release of bail, while Marco has been held with bail set at $1 million.