Keat Rhodes from Ohio was only seven years-old when she was diagnosed with gender identity disorder. 
Keat's adoptive parents were supportive of their son's wishes to dress like a little girl rather than a little boy and now, they are fully supportive of her wishes for a sex change. 
It wasn't all so simple for Keat, however, as there were many people in their area who did not agree with her parent's choice, with many branding them abusive parents. Keat's mother Emily says: "I sat in front of the computer and just cried ... I couldn't believe people were saying these hateful things."
Her mother says that she noticed Keat identifying as a girl at only four years-old. Keat eventually confided in her and teachers that she was struggling with her identity as a boy. 
It will be a long journey for Keat, who will have to begin hormone therapy as well as eventually undergoing full gender reassignment surgery.