All children and young adults have to endure the stress of studying. However, while it can be a tough time for them there are plenty of ways that you can make it easier.
Keep calm.
While it is normal for parents to feel anxious when their child is approaching exam time, it is important that you don’t pass any of your fears onto them – they have enough to deal with already.
Give yourself a time-out.
Hoovering over your child will only make them nervous. Get out of the house and have some “me-time” - a relaxed mum will be more use to them than a stressed one.
Keep distractions to a minimum.
Make sure your youngster is not exposed to unnecessary distractions. Avoid checking in on them oo often and ensure younger siblings keep the noise down.
Provide snacks.
Have healthy snacks ready for them so all they need to do is grab and go. Remember, time is precious to them and taking the worry of what to eat will benefit them greatly. It will also stop them snacking on junk food.
Keep an eye on them.
Keep a watchful eye on them to see how they are dealing with their stress. If they are finding it extremely difficult to cope talk to them or suggest a quick walk or jog. Don’t be offended if they tell you to go away though.
Encourage them to keep up other activities.
Make sure your youngster keeps up any hobbies that they may have as it is important that they remain activate. Encourage them to go for a walk with friends and this will help relieve some of their stress.
Keep them upbeat and positive.
When they are starting to get down about the amount of work they may have it is vital you keep them upbeat and positive. Use encouraging words and remind them that they are not defined by what grades they get.
Most importantly of all, make sure they get enough sleep. Their body won’t be able to function properly if they are burning the midnight oil.