Kids are easily distracted and many struggle to sit in one place for longer than ten minutes, before they are looking around the room for something interesting.


And while their dreamy gaze half way through their homework can be frustrating, remember that everything is new to your child and things that may not interest you, gets their mind working in overdrive.


However, it is important they do have the ability to focus on and finish certain tasks within a given timeframe.


Give them a well balanced diet

Make sure your youngster is eating a diet rich in fruit and vegetables, wholegrains and fish for a strong and healthy brain. Avoid processed, sugary foods that can cause hyperactivity and an inability to sit still.



Plenty of regular exercise will keep your child’s brain fit and healthy and will allow them release any pent up energy that causes them to fidget.


Have a routine

A routine or ritual of what your little one does every day will mean they will know what is going to happen that day and when. This will help them stay focused as their mind won’t be wandering about what they need to do.


Minimise distractions

If possible, try to minimise the number of distractions in a room, especially when it comes to homework. Keep an area in the home away from the TV, front door, or the kitchen where your youngster can do their homework without being constantly pulled away from their work.


Play some music

Some people work better if there is music playing softly in the background, as it can help to drown noise outside the room. Try it a couple of times to see if it helps your child focus on tasks at hand.


Steer clear of electronic devices

Keep TV consumption and computer and iPad usage to a minimum. Most of the programmes or games on these devices are fast-moving and can over stimulate your child’s brain making it difficult to concentrate on slow-moving tasks.  


Give them breaks

We know ourselves that it can be difficult to sit for long periods of time doing something that we really don’t want to so break it up. If your child has a lot of homework, make sure they take breaks between subjects to keep their mind fresh and focused.