Penny Lancaster said the most moving thing to her son after he was bullied

Finding out that your child is being bullied is every parent’s worst nightmare. Penny Lancaster has opened up about the advice she shares with her children when they’re experiencing tough times at school.

Speaking to The Times, the doting mum revealed that her 12-year-old son Alastair has been “through a little bit of bullying.”


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The mum explained that people had been mocking her son about his dad and singer Rod Stewart. She shared that other children had been making silly remarks to their son about the Maggie May singer.

It can be extraordinarily difficult for a mum to hear that their children are being mistreated, but Penny knew exactly what to say to her son as she had been through a similar experience herself.

"Darling, the reason people bully is because they are not happy,” Penny told her boy.


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She says she does her best to reassure Alastair and boost his confidence back up: “You are tall, polite, handsome. You have got your arts scholarship. You are a brilliant sportsman.”

“People always want to cut down the tallest poppy. They are jealous — rise above it,” she added.


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Penny and Rod’s son has even asked his parents to stop bringing him to school as he prefers to go in the nanny’s car, which isn’t as recognisable as his parents’.

Penny is dealing with this disheartening situation in the most eye-opening and uplifting way. Her attitude is spot on and is something every parent should do if they are ever in this unfortunate situation.

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