Your toddler will have better success potty training if you understand the proper steps and the approach that gets results.Your toddler could be ready to start training at 18 months or anytime up to 3 years of age. Each child is different.
The average child will be potty trained by age 3 and most parents start around age 2. 
The following steps will help you in the process:
  • Determine if your child is ready. Watch for the telltale signs such as squirming, holding themselves, facial expressions. These are signs that your child has the ability to hold their urine or bowel. Additionally, a toddler who is ready for potty training will have a dry nappy in the morning and will be uncomfortable wearing a dirty nappy.
  • Purchase a toddler potty chair. Toddlers are sometimes afraid of the toilet. Having their own potty chair takes away some of the anxiety of potty training.
  • Show your toddler how to use the potty. Children learn by watching and imitating. Showing them how it’s done and explaining everything to them is the best and easiest way for your toddler to gain an understanding of what is expected.
  • Teach your toddler about the potty. There are a number of books and videos about potty training that will make it fun for your child.
  • Encourage the habit. Have your toddler sit on the potty when they feel they need to go. Sometimes, they will sit there but not go, and that’s alright. When your toddler is successful, make sure to praise their accomplishment.
  • Purchase cloth training pants or disposable pull-ups. Many parents prefer the cloth training pants because the child will feel wetness more than the disposables, which work like a nappy.
  • Never scold or punish! Every child will have accidents and it is very important that you do not get angry or punish your child. You have to remember that controlling the bladder and bowel is very new to your child. If you have a negative reaction to an accident, the scene could affect the progress of potty training.
  • Lastly, be patient. Your child will eventually master the potty.