It’s a fact that boys take longer than girls to potty train – although no one really knows why!
So, while many girls aged three to four may already have mastered potty training, or be well on their way, you may find that you still have a way to go with your son.
By this age, your son will probably already have been showing signs of readiness for potty training for a while. He may even have mastered the art of using a potty sitting down – which is the first part of the process. If you think that your son is ready to move on to learning how to pee standing up, it’s best to enlist the help of a male friend, relative or your partner.
Have your son accompany them to the toilet a few times, to see how they pee standing up. When he shows interest in trying it himself, or when you think he’s ready, float an ‘o’ shaped piece of cereal, or another ‘aiming aid’ in the toilet or in his potty. It may take some time and practice before he’s mastered the art of aiming correctly, but with time, it will happen.