The media would lead you to believe that being a mum is all glamour all the time. 


Spoiler alert: it certainly is not. 


Raising babies is a messy business at the best of times, and that is perfectly okay, we might add. 


If you consider yourself to be a proud messy mum, then you may find yourself nodding in agreement with the following:


1. Sticky hands.


As a messy mum, have you noticed that no matter how often you wash you hands, they're constantly sticky? Honestly, we're not entirely sure why, or where it comes from - but you get used to it (we promise!)


2. Clothes mountain. 


We all have one, and it is nothing to be ashamed of. It starts as a simple jumper thrown in the corner, and as days and weeks go by, the jumper becomes a full on mountain of clothing that you're just not prepared to deal with. Maybe, you could just pop a few lights on it, and call it art.



3. Emotional mess.


Listen, parenthood is not just stains and spills! There is also the emotional mess that you guaranteed to face at some stage - especially the early years of motherhood. You'll laugh, you'll cry and you'll probably have at least one (or 10) rage-filled freakouts, but it's all worth it! 


4. White clothing is a thing of the past. 


We all fondly remember the days when we dared to wear crisp white jumpers and dresses, right? The actual thought of wearing something white now is almost laughable - it would be destroyed with countless spills and stains. However, if you dare to wear white, fear not! There are so many fantastic products that will become your new best friend when it comes to washing like Fairy Non-Bio which is gentle on that delicate skin but will get rid of your stain nightmares.  Hello, our new best friend.


5. Jam is not your enemy. 


Neither is Nutella. You have probably gotten jam, Nutella and god knows what else splashed and spilled on yourself by now. 10 years ago you probably would have freaked, but now it's just a standard part of your routine. 



6. No car shame. 


You car will probably look like a pigsty, and what of it? If you're trying to get all your kiddos to school, football, ballet and everywhere else, the last thing on your mind is keeping your car like a showroom. They will probably throw food around the back seat, but hey, that's just part of the fun. 


7. Little Picasso 


If your kiddos are bored, you probably just give them paint and let them go nuts. It will keep them quiet and entertained for hours, and you end up with works of art. Will there be colourful paint all over the place? Yes. But you won't care.



8. You no longer fear drinking red wine. 


Do you remember a time when you would actively avoid drinking red wine (despite loving it), purely because you feared the stains? Well, that is no longer an issue. So what if you splash a bit of vino on yourself - you'll live!


Life is messy, mums - but we wouldn't have it any other way!  

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