If you have older siblings, you might want to look away now – because new research is suggesting that first-born children are actually smarter than their siblings!

The research – carried out by a team of experts at the University of Edinburgh – was based on IQ scores, which were overwhelmingly higher for older siblings.

As part of the research, published in the Journal of Human Resources, the team monitored a group of 5,000 children, from the pre-birth stage right up to the age of 14.

The team factored in things like family background and economic conditions, as well as parental behaviours such as drinking and smoking during pregnancy.

Then, the researchers assessed the children on skills like reading and picture vocabulary every two years, and formulated an overall test score.

The results were very interesting indeed: first-born children were found to be smarter than their younger siblings.

So, what’s the science behind this? Well, researchers reckon it’s all because the first-born receives more mental stimulation from their parents, in comparison to their younger siblings.

It also emerged that mums took higher (behavioural) risks during pregnancies with their younger children.

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